Raoul Funkler

Raoul Funkler

Paul aka Raoul, grown up in the suburbs, soon moved to hamburg and quickly discovered the thriving electronic music scene.

Quoting a good friend who introduced him to the scene: “I will now open a door for you - which may never be closed again” - Thats exactly what happened.

It didn’t take much dancing in the clubs to get fully addicted to that feeling.

Soon, party’ing wasn’t enough, Raoul started DJing and quickly went over to forming different crews, hosting parties and traveling through hamburgs underground clubs.

Starting with 2 “Technics MK1210” Raoul continued with a digital dj set for the next 3 Years - mainly focussing on driving, kick-based (more-or-less)hard techno music but also in love with dreamy, warm deep house.

After a while, the dust was removed from the (parked) Turntables and the next love-story began.

Raoul is now focussing on clicking, warm and well-defined (deep) house sounds (Nick Beringer, Mike Dehnert, Cinthie, Diego Krause - to name a few).